Cheap Energy For Electric Vehicle Owners

Electric Vehicle

If you own an electric vehicle and a suitable charger you can earn £50 credit and save hundreds of pounds on your electricity bill using the link below.

Octopus Intelligent Go is the UK’s most popular EV tarriff, offering all your smart charging at super low rates of 7.5p per kWh and 6h of guaranteed cheap energy for your whole home every night.

  • Smart charge your car with unlimited super-cheap electricity plus six hours of low cost powerfor your whole home between 11:30pm and 5:30am.
  • Set your vehicle charging time, track your energy spend at a glance and, if your plans change, easily adjust as you need using the Octopus Energy App.
  • Benefit from cutting edge innovation, competitions and award winning customer service.
  • Compatible with over 280 cars from top EV brands (You need either an Octopus-compatible EV OR charger)